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Our Mission

Our Mission

The Health Society of University of the Sunshine Coast (HSUSC) is the first society at this university that strives to unite the health students from various faculties. The HSUSC will also bring students from other universities to form a tighter and more dependable health community for the future. 

Our goals for this society include creating possibilities for students to meet and interact, and also allow them to network with companies and businesses in the health industry, gaining connections for their career. The events organised by us aim to provide opportunities for members to learn new skills and gain knowledge whilst ensuring their theory can be translated into practical usage. As there has not been a prior health society at the USC, the HSUSC will also serve to be the primary destination for assisting all health science students with their questions and queries related to coursework and beyond. 

The overarching objective for the HSUSC is simple: to support and promote the wellbeing of health science students, whether academic, emotional or social. Through meticulously planned experiences, the HSUSC will elevate the university experience of our members. 

The Team

The Executive Team

The HSUSC executive members are a team of individuals who not only have the necessary skills and expertise to deliver a  'strong'  Health SocIety, but are also a group who have a strong drive, passion and dedication in wanting to improve the welfare of each and every health student at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Roi McGuinness



As Treasurer of HSUSC, I have been bestowed with the honour of securing and managing funds for the society's activities. This includes administration such as keeping track of all grants and finances, documenting purchases and event-associated expenses. I hope to be an active presence in the society, endeavouring to ensure that our events will be as ambitious and engaging as possible.

Ian Chen



As the Founder and President of HSUSC for 2020, I am honoured to represent this society at the local, state and national level. I will be working alongside all the executive members to guide HSUSC in a direction that is most desirable for our members. I aim to reduce academic stress for the current health students by providing events and connecting with other universities. Hopefully by doing so, the future of our health community will become even brighter.

Tom Irwin



As your Vice-President for 2020, my role is to work closely with the President to ensure HSUSC is able to deliver as much value as possible to its members. This will be achieved by coordinating with other executive members to ensure successful planning and execution of events and projects. My role will also be to keep up-to-date on student feedback via each platform of communication and manage club email correspondence.

Lillian Jia

Events Director


As your Sponsorship Director for 2020, I will be liaising with businesses, companies and corporations to organise potential sponsorship solicitations and opportunities. By establishing connections with our sponsors and communicating effectively with them, HSUSC will be able to create and run our many events throughout the year, whilst providing a valuable platform for sponsors to advertise and network with our members.

Madeleine Prager

Communications Director


As your Communications Director for 2020, my role is to manage the technical administrate process of HSUSC. This includes designing new merchandise, updating HSUSC social media accounts and designing promotional material to remind people of upcoming events. We hope to make HSUSC efficient and accessible to maximise your experience.

Sarah Cabucos

Social Director


As your Social Director for 2020, my role is to provide structure within HSUSC in terms of events planning and organisation. This will include interfacing with the society’s social media platforms and website to keep members updated and aware of event details. We aim to conceptualise events and gatherings that will enable and inspire health students as well as providing a social outlet between studies.



University of the Sunshine Coast Student Guild is an organisation that has joined force with the HSUSC in serving health students. This affiliate is separate and independent from the HSUSC. However, the HSUSC believes that it is desirable for all USC health students to work closely and cooperatively with this amazing organisation.

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